Attic Insulation Importance

If your home is not properly insulated you may be paying thousands of dollars more in energy costs every year without knowing it.

The main purpose of insulation is to regulate heat flow inside of your home, keeping the temperature in one space from leaking into the other. Not enough insulation can result in higher energy bills along with uncomfortable temperatures in your home. Proper insulation installation in your home can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs.


In the winter your home’s warmth with stay inside, and in the summer it will keep your house cooler.

Insulation technology has improved drastically in the last couple of decades. If you have an older home, new insulation will help increase efficiency and significantly reduce your energy costs.


Our goal is to provide superior insulation removal & replacement service for all our clients.

Insulation Removal Importance


Removal of insulation from your attic or crawl-space may be necessary due to rodent infestation, debris, dirt or damage caused by remodeling and construction.


Removing insulation is a hard and tedious project that requires specialized equipment and safety gear.


All of the technicians at Smarter Attic are properly trained on every aspect of the attic cleanup, insulation removal and insulation installation process.


If your insulation has been damaged due to rodent infestation, construction, and remodeling, or any other reason, then it may no longer perform the way it was intended. This can result in increased energy costs to heat and cool your home.





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